05.06.15 | Workout of the Day

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Thruster 95/65

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  • 3:02 rx, 6/1/15

    • Tylar
  • Tyler, after about 9 years of going to a Box, i had an injury that caused me to stop; i’ve picked back up w/Pat S and his Linchpin programming……most definitely the best programming out there for someone that just wants to be fit!

    • julia
  • First Fran eve, never done a 95lb thruster, and got 6:34 (Rx) which I was happy with!
    • Jonny
  • 2:20 (Rx) Not a PR but the best I’ve done in about four years so I’ll take it.

    • Ben
  • 6:24- First time ever doing Fran at the prescribed 95lbs…like a boss

    • MrFeet2Jesus