About Us

 Welcome to CF Linchpin. Truth, Results & Community.

Since 2014 we have been a CrossFit affiliate dedicated to providing you the most effective and fun workouts possible that can be done at home, in your garage gym or commercial gym. Our program will maximize your fitness while minimizing the time you need to spend training. We have you covered regardless of whether you have lots of equipment, just a pair of dumbbells or literally no gear at all. It does not matter if you are already a great athlete or a beginner. Our workouts can be scaled and modified to meet any level of fitness. Best of all, you will be joining a true community which will help keep you motivated. Click on the "Private Track" tab for a 30-day free trial.

We are a global community of amazing, positive and supportive people dedicated to making themselves better everyday through functional movements, variance and relative intensity.

Linchpin does not have a strength bias, we do not have a gymnastics bias, nor do we have a conditioning bias. We have a long term health and fitness bias.

We train in a manner designed to keep you happy, healthy and your quality of life as high as possible whether you are 25 or 65 years old. A key element of how we do this is by NOT overtraining you. We pour our heart and soul into one workout a day...and the rewards are tremendous.

In my humble opinion, far too many people have fallen into the “more is better” trap and are exposing themselves to an unnecessary and potentially injurious amount of training. Or they believe the fallacy that before every workout you should do a heavy lifting session. That is not an effective manner to develop fitness or stay healthy and therefore it is not what we do.

At Linchpin we embrace Intensity over Volume.

We embrace variance. We want you to be well rounded.

We remove ego and that helps us make smart decisions.

We understand “Scaling” is not a bad word, as a matter of fact, intelligently scaling or modifying a workout is not only a critical factor for safety, but it is also a necessary and essential part of your long term fitness journey. Long story short….we encourage scaling. Scaling is cool.

We give heavy days the respect they deserve. On those days we just go heavy. There is no other workout crammed in. That way we don’t rush it...we focus on doing it right and we reap the benefits.

The time you spend working out in the gym or your garage should be one of the best hours of your day. It should not be stressful. It should be fun, you should look forward to it.

If you want to get fit, have fun and be supported by an incredible global community focused on long term health and happiness, then welcome to CrossFit Linchpin.


CF Linchpin is my platform to express CrossFit programming. The most impactful experiences of my life were the 7 years I spent as a Navy SEAL and the 14 years I worked for CrossFit, Inc. These two worlds collide every day when I design workouts. My passion is providing people with the ability to excel at the challenges we face in the real world. Our community ranges from stay-at-home moms & dads to Special Operations personnel, and everyone in between. The workouts are tough, but everything can be scaled/modified to meet your current level. Stick with it. Hit the workouts with intensity. Embrace variance. Don't avoid workouts you don't like. Eat clean. Rest when you need to. The results are inevitable.

The weights will vary from light to moderate to heavy. We will have single modality days, couplets, triplets, all the way to chippers. Repetitions will be as low as singles on dedicated heavy days to over one hundred on high volume days. Time domains will be from the very short to the very long. We will do classic benchmarks and I will create new workouts. We will use common equipment as well as odd objects. The daily design and workout selection is crafted to get you as fit as possible in an hour or less a day. I have never cared if a workout seemed creative or flashy. I only care about creating programming that is effective and produces results.

At Linchpin we are solely focused on the brutally elegant pursuit of fitness. I hope you enjoy it. Welcome to the community.