06.22.2024 | Workout of the Day

Not for time:
150 Push-ups
100 Box Step-ups
15 Rope Climbs, 15 ft.

-rest 5 min, then...

For time:
50/35 Calories, Air Bike

*Partition the push-ups, step-ups & rope climbs as you wish. You choose box height & step-up loading.

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    Not for time:
    100 Ring Push-ups
    50 Push-ups on Blocks (more ROM)
    100 Box Step-ups, 10kg (2 × 5kg. Height: Bench + Step level 2/3)
    45 Strict Chin-ups

    -rest 5 min, then…

    For time:
    TIME: 1’35"
    35 Calories, Rowing Machine

    • Ricardo
  • 35lbs KBs for step ups
    Squats/Towel Pullups

    Bike- 3:32

    • Josh