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What our members saying ?

  1.  Kelley Harper says: I joined Linchpin about a year ago after 6 years in a traditional box. I absolutely LOVE the programming. It’s far more effective than anything I’d experienced before and all the different options mean I don’t have to miss a day even when traveling. The amount of additional content and education we get from Pat is also astounding. We get a video each day explaining the workouts, a weekly video walking through suggestions on how to modulate intensity for the next week, a weekly video discussing some relevant topic or a short interview, and a weekly AMA with Pat. I don’t know how he does it all for $10/month. And the community is better than any in person box you can imagine. Do yourself a favor and do the 30-day trial at minimum. #effectivenotpopular
  2. Elvio says:
    In all the fields I have experienced, the top professionals are always those who really master the basics. “Do the common uncommonly well” is pretty much the mantra of CrossFit Linchpin and it delivers amazing results!
    Having all the available options everyday not only appeals to all levels but also helps in different times and situations. I have worked out in a full gym with plenty of time, with just my body and 20-30 minutes available, or even while dealing with some injuries.
    The daily videos and all the material for continuous education really build a different awareness and knowledge of fitness.
    And the online community is full of positivity and great people.
    I tried a few different programs and this is the one I am sticking with!
  3. Erica Mortimer says:
    Making the switch to CrossFit Linchpin has been one of the best decisions that I have made in a while. At 50 years old, I am faster and stronger then ever. I attribute this to a few things:
    -Amazing program -truly brutally elegant
    -CF Linchpin has taught me to respect the heavy days
    -Being told, “today is a good day to not run the clock” is more helpful then you would think.
    The programming as everything that I need and then some. The programming is not complicated, it is easy to follow. It’s not just a slogan, the works-outs are truly “varied not random”.
    Access to Beyond the Whiteboard is an added bonus. Especially if you like to track workouts, look at data, have access to thousand of workouts and connect with others. The options are endless!
  4. Matteo says:
    I joined CF Linchpin two years ago..
    this program had huge impact not only on my physical and mental health, but also on my coaching skills: the daily videos and the podcasts are a treasure. If anyone asks, CF Linchpin is definitely the best programming available for all those who want to use that hour of their day to better face the rest of the day. 1000% recommended ❤️
  5. Nathan S says:
    Linchpin is an infinitely scalable program. Want to follow RX, push the intensity, and train hard? Perfect. Hit the main workout and two optional accessories with intention. Are you lacking on time and equipment but still want to break a sweat? There’s a track for that, too. No matter what: Fitness will be achieved.
    This is classic CrossFit. Thanks to Pat Sherwood’s programming I am hitting PRs at 36 (3 years of CrossFit). Some days you are going to run fast. Some days you will run long. You might lift heavy one day. The next day you will do Fran. It is varied fitness, but there is absolutely an overarching trend towards improvement in all aspects.
    The Linchpin Community is incredibly supportive and intelligent. Pat provides a weekly AMA, podcast, and he is constantly answering questions in the Facebook group. He provides expert advice while keeping it very real. He’s a busy family man who is perfectly willing to check ego and encourages us to do the same when we step in the gym.
    It’s the best $10 a month you will ever spend. The $10 alone is worth it to have access to Beyond the Whiteboard, the absolute pinnacle of workout logging.
    Everyone should take the opportunity at some point in their CrossFit career to try a GPP track for 3 months and see how amazing they feel. This goes double for folks over the age of 35. Linchpin is that opportunity.
  6. Dogus Meric says:
    I have been doing CrossFit for the last 4 years and training at my garage gym for the last year. Linchpin member for almost 3 months. My fitness has improved significantly over the last 3 months. Workouts target a range of skills and daily videos by the coach Pat helps you navigate how you may tackle the workouts. The private track is an invaluable part of this group and definitely has the feel for being part of a one large global community. Everyone is positive and very supportive. Love the program, the coach and the fellow Linchpin community. Also the program is very affordable. I would recommend it to anyone looking to improve their fitness while being part of a great community.
  7. Darryl Harding says:
    Began CrossFit in July 2017. Spent the first year at a box in Korea. Moved to Malaysia and the closest box was too far so I set myself up for at home CrossFit. Did my research and joined Linchpin shortly after. It’s been three years and it’s the best decision I could have made. PRs still come, I move a lot better, and I have learned so much! For $10 it is an absolute steal! The community (on the Private Track Facebook Group) are a beacon of light in a very dark world – i.e. social media. They’re the most encouraging, honest group of people you will ever “meet”. I began coaching CrossFit at my school and the content that Pat puts out has been so helpful not only in my own development, but in my coaching as well. It is easily the best $10 I spend monthly and would happily pay more without hesitation.
  8. Melissa L says:
    Wow, Crossfit Linchpin has changed my life. I joined a year ago after a long break from Crossfit. I had a garage gym but wasn’t motivated to do workouts. Cherry picking off various places, I wasn’t achieving goals and wasn’t excited. I joined and all of that changed. We have an amazing community of support. Coach Pat delivers top notch content and programming. This is for life. I scale to my level, but still pushes me appropriately. I don’t feel beat up like I did when I was at my box. I can just say ditto what others have said above. Come try it out. This is the best of the best. I look forward to my workouts and keeping in touch with members around the world. I look forward to meeting you! 5 out of 5 stars!
  9. Mike Talboy says:
    CrossFit Linchpin is like nothing else. I am 44 and have constantly struggled to stick with programs in the past. I would go from your typical gym type stuff to at home videos etc. and never stuck with any more than a couple months. And never did any deadlifts, cleans, snatches at all until joining in May of 2020.
    The workouts are fun, won’t overload you, and build upon each other. It is awesome. Over the last year and half I haven’t had lulls or gotten bored. I have been able to stick with 4-5 workouts per week while also playing soccer 1-2 nights a week and i have never felt destroyed. The programming is designed so anyone of any age or fitness level can jump in and get what they need. The community is amazing. The closed Facebook group is positive and awesome. On top of all that, Pat Sherwood is such a great and positive coach you can’t help but look forward to what he cooks up next.
    I am stronger, fitter, and overall healthier than anytime since I could vote. because of Linchpin. I have a better engine and running stamina than guys in their late 20s I play alongside in soccer. Linchpin just plain works.
  10. Leanne Vaitkus-Murphy says:
    Joining Linchpin is hands down the best decision I’ve ever made in terms of my fitness journey. The quality of the programming is second to none. The community is phenomenal. The value for money is undeniable. I LOVE everything about it. Initially I thought I might go back to an in-person box after Covid, but now there is no looking back….I’m Linchpin for life !💪🏽❤
  11. George Coleman says:
    Active Duty US Army stationed in Germany. When COVID closed all the gyms on post I moved to working out in my living with dumbbells and have slowly expanded my home gym to include barbell, squat rack, pull up bar, rower, and a Peloton. I scored over 525 out of 600 on the Army’s new fitness test following Crossfit Linchpin 4-5 days a week. The daily instructional videos are great and the online private facebook group is amazing. I am easily maintaining and improving my fitness by working out less. I’m usually time crunched in the mornings and get the whole workout done in 30min. While I’ve never met Pat through his AMAs, podcasts, and daily videos I feel like I know him better than the coaches at a gym I spent 4 years in. For only $10/month it is a steal. My wife pays around $150 combined for 3-4 other online gym programs and doesn’t get nearly the same programming from the “celebrity” trainers who peddle a M/Th Chest-bi’s Tu/Fri legs/back type workouts. Each day is a new challenge and I look forward to working out when i wake up.
  12. Matt says:
    I started doing Linchpin while traveling for work, before the limited equipment and no equipment tracks even existed. The limited equipment option then became my go to. After changing jobs and ending up building out a home gym in the pandemic, I tried another program for a while before getting back to Linchpin. When it comes to true Crossfit, this is it. 1 hour a day or less. True focus on heavy days. Reasonable programming for folks to be everyday fit. And still have the energy/feel good enough to live life outside the gym.
  13. Cindy says:
    When COVID hit, my gym disbanded and I was left without a place to go. After a year and many other remote programming trials, I finally found Linchpin.
    The programming is challenging and efficient, and always provides me the option of additional work when time (and body) allow.
    The level of support is unparalleled, even against my 10 years of in-person CrossFit experience. Every day seems approachable and achievable with Pat’s thorough video explanations. The multiple programming options give me more alternatives than I could ever use and speak to Linchpins commitment to making their programming approachable, fun, and effective no matter your current fitness level. Moreover, the Linchpin community has more than filled the hold left by the in-person socialization I had missed since leaving the gym. It is a safe, encouraging, and unintimidating mix of all walks of life- all here for the same reason: to achieve fitness and lift others up along the way.
  14. Ben Gaubert says:
    Practicing linchpin since almost the beginning. At first pretty often. Then religiously. I joined the private track 4 years ago or so.
    Through the program, I obviously improved my physical abilities, but myself as man and dad too.
    The daily videos are a treasure of educational reflection, humor, and weird latin translation (😁)
    Then the private Facebook group is a true community, aka a big family.
    If you’re seeking for some fun, variance, long term care and a terrific therapy, you are at the right place.
  15. Taylor Lemon says:
    The thing that keeps me here is:
    Limited equipment and no equipment workouts. This works great for me since I don’t have a barbell. I no longer have to come up with an equivalent movement to replace the barbell.
    The price. Can’t beat $10/month. Period.
  16. Ashley Maxwell says:
    $10/month is nothing for what you get – full warmup, workout options, accessory work and cool down EVERY DAY – plus access to the BTWB App which is a wealth of information and data/workout tracking. The programming can literally be adjusted for whatever you have in your garage – the perfect garage gym programming service. All backed up with an amazingly supportive facebook group. Just try it.
  17. Levi Adkins says:
    Have been doing CrossFit for about 5 years in total. I’ve been with linchpin for a year after starting at two different local boxes. The knowledge and programming provided is incredible. Coach programs intelligently and embraces scaling, teaching, and so much more. As we see in our little group I’m Linchpin for life!
  18. Matt Spencer says:
    Made the switch from a regular box to Linchpin one year ago. I continue to PR even after 9 years of CrossFit. The programming is perfect for me. I’ve never felt better. The instruction videos and BTWB app is great. The community is also top notch!
  19. Martin Vasconez says:
    CF linchpin is Great! you have every option to excercise at home wether, or not, you have equipment or not. Results are palpable and fitness is always achieved!
    10/10 would recommend!
  20. Kris Morgan says:
    Linchpin has added consistency and taken programming out of the equation so you need just do the movements. The private track and fb page give all levels of capacity a peer or rabbit to chase virtually. It’s a move we made almost three years ago and the benefit for value is unparalleled and too much to type here but 10/10 would recommend.
  21. Ken Tronnes says:
    What can I say about Linchpin? It has all the benefits of belonging to an affiliate with no commute! But seriously, expert programming and guidance for every piece of every workout, an incredible online community I engage with regularly with if not daily, and an abundance of content to help broaden our horizons and knowledge base to help us make the smartest decisions to get the most from our training for the long-term.
  22. Jeremy Dubay says:
    I have found the blend of accessory work, dedicated strength days and high intensity days very valuable to my overall health. My body has responded well and I am feeling better every day.
  23. Matt says:
    I joined Linchpin back in April 2021, to give the free 30 days a trial. Even before the end of that 30 days I knew I’d be staying. The programming is varied and always fun. The community is hugely supportive and extremely knowledgable and friendly. Definitely the best monthly outgoing I have. I’m fitter, stronger and enjoying my training more than ever. There is so much data to analyse on the beyond the whiteboard app, it’s brilliant.
    Try it, it’s free for 30 days, and that literally is amazing within itself.
  24. Bob Selmayer says:
    3 year Linchpin member and 60 years old. Best move I ever made with regards to health, fitness and GPP. If you have the discipline to go to the garage 5 times a week and follow this program, there is nothing that you can’t overcome. No more feeling beat up because you had to fit a strength movement in with a metcon (not to mention warmup and cool down)in 1 hour. All of this and a great supportive community!
  25. Paul Steinmayer says:
    I joined CrossFit Linchpin 6 months ago at the age of 58 after having ZERO fitness for almost 30 years. I was never judged… and no one cared about my fitness level! I was immediately taken in by the community and made to feel welcome and important… like I was family! Several members started helping me right from the word go, and taught me how to properly do the exercises and scale so I didn’t injure myself. Coach Pat Sherwood always encouraged and supported me. And with the help and support of everyone, I worked hard and grew… and achieved fitness that I never knew was even possible! In the 6 months I’ve been with Linchpin, I’ve lost significant weight and gained significant muscle mass… something that I did not think was possible at my age. I have become an athlete thanks to CrossFit Linchpin!!!
    For anyone looking for a community that is supportive and helpful, one that never judges, one that only has your very best interest at heart… then look no further than CrossFit Linchpin. You can’t do any better than Linchpin, but you could do a lot worse!!!